Welcome to GamerScoreGoal.com.

The Sites Future

Its been over a year now that GamerScore Goal has been a live web site and the last major update was in January with just a minor update in June.  It doesnt look like Im going to have any time to devote to the further development of this site.  This site started out as an experiment so that I could learn the new features in Visual Studio 2008, in that regard the site is a huge success.   On the other hand traffic to the site mostly consists of search engine bots indexing the pages so I dont think there are many real people using the site.   

Im thinking of shutting this site down but I havent made up my mind.   I would like to hear from anyone using the site.  Contact me and let me know how you feel about this. 


Version 0.5

I've updated GamerScoreGoal.com to version 0.5.   The majority of this update deals with how I track games especially games with multiple versions for different regions.   Some Gamertags had played both versions of the game and had GamerScore from both versions.   I can now track that correctly.

The URL's for a games detail page has been updated to be more search engine and user friendly.  I've also had to remove some features that will not scale with any real amount of users and may have got me in trouble. 


What is GamerScoreGoal.com?
GamerScoreGoal.com is a web site dedicated to tracking your Xbox Live GamerScore against a goal that you set for yourself.   Personally I would like to get 10K of Gamerscore every year so my current goal is 20K by Jan 1st, 2008. You can see my progress at Carsinigin's public profile page.


I had a bad feeling

An update to the 360voice main blog back on Oct 24th had a comment that they were working on a new feature.   I had a sinking feeling that it would be related to what I was doing at Gamerscoregoal.com.  360Voice.com has announced their new Challenge system.   It's a system were you invite a few of your friends to a timed Gamerscore challenge to see who can get the more points in a set number of days.

Luckily It's not exactly what I'm doing here but there are some overlaps.   I like what they are doing and I'll issue a Challenge.   Join with the code APIO10V9.

You can join by going to: http://www.360voice.com/join/APIO10V9 (Edit: I had to recreate the challenge.  The old challenge code linked to more then one challenge and no one could join.)


Version 0.2
I've added some more basic features. If you have signed up for an account you can set a goal for yourself. I've also created the basic outline of what a user's page will look like and added a directory of the registered Gamertags. There is a lot left to do. If you have any ideas/suggestions or find a bug please contact me though the contact form.  You can find all these pages in the new menu along the top of all the pages.

Version 0.1
This site is still in the early stages of devolopment, but I do have the user accounts and GamerScore tracking system working. If you happen along this page and have an XBox Live Gamertag go ahead and sign up for an account and we'll start tracking your GamerScore progress.  Next step is a to allow you to set a goal for yourself.


We haven't launched this website yet but since your here you can create a new account.